Products and Services


Our company mission is to create a customized product of high crafts value, taking care of every detail and selecting superior materials, in order to fully meet the customer needs.

Paddings are manufactured giving careful attention to the sitting elasticity and the pillows softness, leading customers to the choice of the most suitable material, such as memory, polyurethane foam of any density or goose feathers.

For coatings are always used full grain leathers, otherwise, if customer requires, can be used leather, aniline leather, distressed leather and faux leather, as well as a wide range of fabrics of any kind. Coating materials can also be supplied by customers.

Shells are realized in wood by the craftsmen carpenters operating in our area, using mainly beech, fir, laminated and MDF for furniture. The sofas and armchairs sittings follow the age-old handcraft processing, with hand-tied tongs on classic models, or through special elastic belts on modern ones.

We also carry restoring antiques out , with replacement of the only outer coating or even the padding when needed, using new more resistant materials and taking care, if necessary, also of the shell restoration, which we entrust to our professional restorers and decorators partners, so as to give back the product its original splendor.

We also perform contract projects, as preparations for hotels, restaurants, pubs, small theaters, boating, cars and motorcycles seats, using the best and most suitable materials in relation to the project specifications.